Product Landing Page Template

Product Landing Page Template: Low-Cost, High-Converting Solution for Sales

Are you on the hunt for a budget-friendly product landing page template that not only looks fancy but genuinely boosts your sales?

The challenge is real for businesses.

Balancing the need for a high-performing landing page within your PPC campaign budget. You might not have an in-house team dedicated to building landing pages and hiring someone to do it can often lead to increased costs without guaranteed conversions.

The Product Landing Page Template – the answer to your dilemma, designed with your unique needs in mind.

The Budget-Friendly Way to Boost Conversions

You won’t have to deplete your budget or engage a team of specialists.

Our Product Landing Page Template offers an out-of-the-box, conversion-focused design that’s user-friendly. It’s all about keeping things simple and cost-effective.

Our template is tailor-made for businesses seeking results without complications.

What sets our Template apart?

Our Product Landing Page Template prioritizes results over aesthetics. It’s not just about looking good; it’s designed to enhance your conversion rates.

Optimize your conversion rate with our Product Landing Page Template, built on Unbounce. Easily customizable with drag and drop.

Design Elements of Product Landing Page Template

Announcement Bar

The announcement bar is prominently placed at the top of your page to draw immediate attention.

Impact on Conversion: The announcement bar should highlight special offers or upcoming events, encouraging visitors to take action.

Hero Section

The hero section includes:

  • Captivating Headline
  • Kicker Text
  • Attractive Copy
  • High-Quality Image
  • CTA Button

Impact on Conversion: The hero section sets the tone for your page. An engaging headline and visual content capture attention and entice visitors to explore further.

Featured In Section

This section features logos of top magazines and newspapers.

Impact on Conversion: Showcasing your brand’s recognition in reputable publications builds credibility and trust, influencing visitors to convert.

Flavors Section (Slider)

The flavors section provides options with relevant text.

Impact on Conversion: Highlighting flavor options with engaging descriptions can trigger emotions and preferences, potentially boosting conversion.

Benefits Section

This section includes captivating text with high-quality images that evoke emotion.

Impact on Conversion: Highlighting the benefits of your product with emotionally resonant imagery can persuade visitors to take action.

Ingredients Section

This section lists the ingredients and includes a high-quality nutritional facts image.

Impact on Conversion: Providing clear information about the product’s ingredients and nutritional value can help visitors make informed decisions, potentially increasing conversions.

Risk Reversal and Medically Authentic Badge

This section reassures visitors about the safety and authenticity of your product.

Impact on Conversion: Demonstrating product safety and authenticity can alleviate concerns and boost conversion rates.

Testimonials and Reviews Section

This section contains quotes from satisfied customers, client names, photos, rating stars or badges, and any awards or certifications.

Impact on Conversion: Testimonials and reviews build trust, showcase your track record, and persuade visitors to convert.

FAQ Section

The FAQ section provides answers to common questions and concerns.

Impact on Conversion: Addressing potential doubts and queries can ease the decision-making process, ultimately leading to higher conversions.

Feature Product on Sale with Final CTA

The final section features the product on sale and includes a compelling call-to-action (CTA).

Impact on Conversion: The CTA section is the critical endpoint of your lead generation funnel. It must motivate visitors to make a purchase, ensuring a high conversion rate.

Product Landing Page Template


Template Features at a Glance

  • Easy Customization: Effortlessly personalize your page with the Unbounce drag-and-drop interface.
  • PPC Campaign Optimized: Tailored for effective pay-per-click advertising, ensuring your ad spend delivers results.
  • Conversion Design: A design that prioritizes conversions, guiding visitors towards action.
  • No Coding Required: Say goodbye to complex coding – our template is hassle-free.
  • Budget-Friendly: Get a high-quality, conversion-focused landing page without breaking the bank.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Ensure a seamless experience for visitors on mobile devices.


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